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See sample tone of voice guides?

A well-crafted tone of voice guide gives you and your people a proven way to build consistency and trust in every interaction.

A good tone of voice guide sets project expectations, eliminates discrepancies, flags gaps and streamlines onboarding for new people.

We create user-friendly tone of voice guides that are full of useful examples and practical techniques for identifying weaknesses and applying the right brand language across all communications.

“How We Sound - Virgin Mobile Tone of Voice”
“Ikea Tone of Voice”
“Macquarie University Brand Language”
“Mailchimp Content Style Guide Voice and Tone”
“Microsoft’s Brand Voice: Above All, Simple and Human”
“Monash Editorial Style Guide”
“Qantas Online Writing Style Guide”
“RMIT Writing Style Guide”
“Shopify Voice and Tone”
“Tourism Australia Brand Tone of Voice”
“Uber Tone of Voice”
“The University of Melbourne Brand Tone of Voice”
“Write - Velux Group’s Tone of Voice Guide”


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