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How to Write Better
How to Write Better
How to Write Better

How to Write Better

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★★★★★ ‘Wow, game-changer. My writing is more confident than ever.’ Rena Jensen

★★★★★ ‘No need to wade through a long-winded and expensive video course. All you need to write better is contained within this swift, magical guide. Can’t recommend it highly enough.’ Gary Fennell

★★★★ ‘No fuss, straight-shooting, gets-to-the-point kind of guide. A writing guide all writers should read.’ Ann DeAngelo

Find your true voice as a marketer, manager or communicator.

Transform your writing from dull to dazzling within minutes. Quickly gain the confidence you need to inspire and influence anyone.

Improve your writing, your career, your life

“How to Write Better” is part of The Writers Guide Series.

Designed to be read in one sitting. Not pored over for days. This striking 17-page guide in PDF format doesn’t mince words. It doesn’t drag on-and-on with a wrap-up at the end of a chapter, repeating what you’ve just read in case you’re suffering a learning disability.  

“How to Write Better” doesn’t waste your time, money or intelligence. Instead you’ll discover 39 ways to go higher in life. 

What people really want from writing

How to solve every writing problem

Where positioning fits in

How to gain the largest share of any market

What promise to make

How to awaken people

Which words make all the difference

And that’s just the first few pages. There are plenty more ways to make you a better writer faster than ever.

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