Once upon a time there was a brand

Like a lot of brands they got tongue-tied when talking about themselves online. It was pretty embarrassing. Especially when everything and everyone was moving online faster than ever.

Their old website was doing more harm than good. With the language all over the place and a brand voice that was a hodge-podge of chest beating and empty promises.

Which was a shame because this brand was special in their own way. Not that you’d know. Not that anyone would ever know.

Because the words, language and tone on their website was like everyone else. There was nothing special, nothing distinctive, nothing unique in the way they expressed themselves.

This brand couldn’t afford to hire full time writers in-house so they tried some people from the office to do some writing. Leaving something as critical as the website to unprofessional writers was asking for trouble. It ended in disaster. (Kerry in accounts still won’t talk to Shelly.)

They then hired some good looking writers from their public relations agency. But the new homepage read like a press release. All fluff and air kisses.

Next they hired some brash young copywriters. But the copywriting was loud and bombastic, full of innuendo and wordplay. (Other direct response copywriters promised outlandish ROIs with hypey EDM, CTA and SEO. Which didn’t help sales overall and ended up alienating too many people.)

It was hair-yankingly frustrating. Aside from scream therapy, this brand didn’t know where to turn. 

That’s when a letter arrived from The Writers. It was sharp and to the point - The Writers had a few ideas on how to write a better website. Starting with the homepage.

This brand was a little gun shy. But impressed by The Writers’ clients that included ABC, Foxtel, SBS, Orica, Porsche, Nike and Qantas. And intrigued by the fee-back guarantee.

They called 0414 982 414 and spoke with Stef, The Writers’ Founder and Creative Director. It was supposed to be a quick chat. Half an hour later, Stef had managed to distil what this brand’s website could be by focusing on what made this brand special.

Not tactics or technology, not platforms or social media. But this brand’s unique perspective and point of difference. Creative ideas and themes best expressed through words and language, syntax and story.

Stef emailed through a simple proposal. They chose Option B for a new homepage along with new about, services, team and contact pages focused on what makes their brand special.

No more countless hours agonising over the language, no more time-wasting meetings, no more worries and stress. 

After the new mockup and copy were approved, their web designers updated the new pages in under an hour.

Suddenly their website was better than ever.

And their brand lived happily ever after.